Branding your Party with Custom Cocktail Menus

Whether you are throwing a mid-size get together for the home owner’s association members in your neighborhood or you are going to put on a major event to advertise your brand or attract clients in Georgia, you may be thinking about looking in to bar rentals in Atlanta. Mobile bar services like Raising The Bar (or RTB for short) does a fantastic job of handling a lot of the work that comes with putting on a large or even small-scale event or party.
Among the Atlanta bar rental services that Raising The Bar offers like quality control, stock control, and delivery of your alcohol, they really shine when it comes to the customization of your event space, menu set up and drink selection. Whether your goal is to completely blow your guests off of their feet or you want to enhance your brand and attract business to your company, Raising The Bar does a great job of collaborating with their clients in a creative way.
Their menu designs are colorful, intriguing and original, and pictures of some of their best designs can be found at From summer parties, to birthday celebrations, to bar mitzvahs and much more, Raising The Bar can fully customize how your menu looks and reads depending on the theme of your event, and can even customize their specialty cocktails with special liquors and unique names pertaining to your event or party. With clients like Jezebel, Mogul and Phipps Plaza, Raising the Bar strives to offer the best bar rentals in Atlanta.
No job is too big or too small, and Raising The Bar even offers bar rentals for weddings in Atlanta. Quite often young couples wish to make their wedding a truly memorable one, but would prefer their wedding to be a little bit less traditional and a little bit more contemporary. Brining in RTB on such a momentous occasion not only gives lovebirds more options when it comes to the setup that they desire, but also takes a lot of the planning out of the equation. This way the bride and groom can concentrate on what matters most to them- their future.