Put Some Prestige in your Party with a Custom Cocktail Menu and a Mobile Bar.

Atlanta bar rentals are becoming more and more prevalent in the state of Georgia, but none really match up to the mobile bar services that Raising The Bar can offer. One of the reasons why Raising The Bar is selected by businesses and household names such as the High Museum of Art, Ikea and Glory Foods is because of the staff that RTB employs.
The bartender staffing at an event plays an incredibly important role in how an event maintains its excitement and continues to flow in a manner that guests enjoy. All too often you’ll see the staff of some of the bar rentals in Atlanta with lackadaisical, lethargic attitudes and less than speedy service. This lack of professionalism leads to unhappy guests, and can ultimately cause an event to become completely derailed from its tracks.
The experienced bartenders and staff that Raising The Bar employs are chosen because of the simple fact that they want to be at your event. They want to cater to your guests in a professional manner, and always strive to do so with the right amount of flair and confidence that leads to a more enjoyable event experience for guests. When it comes to bar rentals for events in Atlanta, Raising The Bar and the staff that they hire are the cream of the crop.
Raising The Bar offers the same quality of bar rental service in Atlanta for small gatherings and parties as it does for large, upscale corporate events. For bigger events, their premium bar service is a great option which can cater up to 250 people, and is perfect for events where clients wish to show off their brand or image. With a fully customizable color back bar, display shelving and water features, guests will be impressed by the upscale ambiance and drawn to the logo or image you choose to show. For smaller events the half deluxe setup or satellite bar option are perfect, with custom menus and specialty cocktails available.
Make sure to check out RTB on their website at www.rtbatlanta.com and view all of the services that they offer, along with pictures of their custom menus and cocktails.