Experienced Atlanta Bartender Staffing

Businesses in and around Atlanta have known for years that a great way to advertise themselves and their image or brand is to arrange for a large event for people to enjoy. Over the last few years, more and more of these businesses have been turning to bar rentals in Atlanta to help ease the strain on them, so they can focus on the bigger picture rather than the smaller details.
According to many, the premiere company offering bar rentals for events in Atlanta is Raising The Bar, or RTB. With such high profile clients like Ferrari, Bloomingdale’s and Sacks Fifth Avenue, Raising The Bar is quickly becoming the most sought-after mobile bar service today.
Raising The Bar is most certainly not a regular staffing company. Unlike some Atlanta bar rentals, Raising The Bar makes a specialized effort to take care of all of the bar requirements that a business might need like the delivery of alcohol, stock control, quality control, collection of glassware and even your purchase order. When a business is spending a considerable amount to put on an event that could potentially affect the way people view their company, the last thing that they would want to deal with are issues like this, and RTB knows this.
Raising The Bar offers bar rentals for parties in Atlanta as well, and can accommodate to all of your needs regardless of the size of the event that you will be throwing. While some bar services simply set up a booth in your house, Raising The Bar can go as far as transforming your normal home into a dance club for you and your guests.
If you’re really looking to impress some important people or simply entertain a group of guests, make sure to contact Raising The Bar for any of your Atlanta bar rental needs. Your guests will be talking about it for weeks to come, and will leave your event with long lasting memories of the great time that they had.