Mobile Bar Branding

Any business, whether it is a well-known corporation or a small venture in its infant years, recognizes the importance of getting their name or logo into the public eye- to keep their place at the top of the mountain or help them with their climb to the top. Branding is undeniably one of the most effective ways of spreading your message. Raising the Bar provides a branding opportunity for your event, private or corporate, with high style and exemplary customer service in Atlanta, Georgia. With our bar rental service, we are dedicated to helping you create an affair that will last in the memories of your guests. Even better, with our distinct and creative branding capabilities your message and name will forever be an integral part of those memories.

The bar is often a central part of an event, visited repeatedly by guests. Our custom built bars, designed for efficiency and aesthetic appeal, can put your message front and center. Your lighted logo can be along the front of the bar or displayed behind the bar. These highly visible positions serve as a constant reminder to guests that attend your event. We can offer singular drink menus and cocktails that can be color coordinated with the bar. What’s more, we have a wide range of tasteful bar options to choose from.

We carefully select our bartenders, only hiring highly skilled individuals. They are not only masters of mixology, but exude customer service that makes each guest feel like a VIP. As professionals, they can easily adapt to your event and fit in with the ambience you are trying to create.

Allow us to take the worry out of your event. By bringing a completely stocked, top notch mobile bar to your location, we provide the best of both worlds. The icing on the cake is that we can make your brands/logo a noticeable reminder of the message you want sent. With customized bars, drink selections and menus tailored to your event, we provide a service that exceeds other mobile bar rentals in Atlanta.