Mobile Bar Service And Setup That Sizzles

Having a customizable mobile bar service can completely change the way an event or a party feels and the way that it looks for all those who are attending. Having a small, unnoticeable setup in the corner of a room and having a hand crafted, professionally designed attraction is like the difference between night and day. After all, the bar is usually one of the first places that guests like to stop so that they can wet their whistle, gain their bearings and talk with other guests that are attending said event. Since the bar is often a jumping-off point for guests, it is also the place where opinions of an event are first formulated. That is why Raising The Bar has several customizable mobile bar options, all of which will leave a lasting impression in the minds of the guests that you want to impress.
Depending on the type of event that you will be organizing, as well as the amount of people attending, Raising The Bar has several options that you and your guests will love. Take a look at the table below to see a few of our popular mobile bar options:


Table People Event Type Specs

  • Half Deluxe 75 This setup is one of our smaller, more intimate designs and is great for parties with a lower number of attendees, from bachelor parties to graduation parties. One (1) Five (5) Ft. Front Unit
  • Half Premium 100 This premium setup is meant for parties with 100 people or less, and is great for branding opportunities. One (1) Five (5) Ft. Front Bar with 2 options for the Back Bar
  • Deluxe 200 Planning on hosting an event or party with more than 100 people coming? The Deluxe setup will work perfectly. Two (2) 5×5 Front Units
  • Premium 250 If you are putting on an event with a larger number of people attending, and want to advertise your brand or simply impress your guests to the fullest extent, the Premium bar setup is the choice for you. Ten (10) Ft. Front Bar by Ten (10) Ft. Back Bar. Fully color customizable with numerous branding opportunities. Includes display shelving, water features, and light boxes on the back bar.

Turning your creative vision for a one-of-a-kind event into a reality is closer than you think. Check out the rest of our website to find out how Raising The Bar will make your next event shine.