The Weisscar – Adding Fizzle to Your Summer Cocktail List

You are organizing the first get together of the summer, the weather is hot, the music is cool and the people are … well, the people are expecting something new or different. It’s up to you to deliver it. What are you going to do? Calling a mobile bar service is an excellent idea, but for smaller get-togethers you may need to make your own.

To be honest, a cocktail is often the simplest and quickest way to create a splash at the beginning of a summer party and there are plenty of them to choose from; and no, you do not have to be able to sling a bottle of Creme de Menthe over your shoulder and catch it between your teeth either! The best and most refreshing cocktails are also the simplest to create.

So what to make? Beer is always a great refresher in the summer, especially if you are planning a barbecue party; so why not look for some beer cocktails? These are all the rage these days, so it’s high time you introduced your friends to the beer cocktail. These cocktails are quick and offer fizz along with the unique flavor of specialty beers.

The easiest beer cocktail to make is probably one like a Weisscar, based on the classic Sidecar cocktail. To make this, you will need a good cognac, some orange liqueur, an ice-cold wheat beer and lemon juice. Wheat beers (often sold as Weissbier) are cloudy pale beers that have a distinct and some would say, unique, taste. Mixed with other ingredients, though, they produce a fine tasting cocktail.

To put together your Weisscar, mix 1.25 oz of the cognac, 1 oz of the orange liqueur and half an ounce of the lemon juice with about 1.5 oz of your chosen Wheat beer. Don’t mix these in a shaker as the gases may well make it explode. Instead, stir them all together either in a jug or directly in the glass. Garnish with some sliced lemon and/or orange and viola, a beer cocktail that is as good to taste as it was fun to make.

Of course, making your own cocktails is fun, but it can lead to a demand for more and more, and with only one recipe to your name, things could get a bit difficult. That’s why it is always good to hire professionals like Raising The Bar. Our company provides mobile bar services in Atlanta, and, yes, we have quite a few excellent cocktail recipes up our sleeves, which will keep even the most discerning party-goer happy.