Themed Parties to Kick Summer off Right

Summer means warmer weather and a lot of time outside with friends and family. People are excited to be outdoors on a regular basis and become more sociable with neighbors, friends, and family during this time of year, and also enjoy a few cocktails and a fun party to help cool things down. If you’re planning on hosting a summer party this year, consider these themes:

Summer Prom

Allow friends and family members to turn back the hands of time by reliving a most memorable time in their lives. High school proms are unforgettable and while typically held in the springtime, summer is just as good. Create an outdoor environment that is reminiscent of this traditional high school dance and tell attendees to dress accordingly.

Encourage couples to ask each other to the summer prom in traditional ways that would mimic something they would do in high school. Dance the night away with music indicative to the high school era that is most familiar with the majority of attendees. Have guests handwrite nominations for Prom Queen and Prom King as they enter the party. Crown the Prom Queen with a simple tiara and the Prom King with a crown that can both be found at a party supply store. Supply disposable cameras or take photos to commemorate this wonderful event.

Paint Away the Day

Summer time brings with it thoughts of lush, lively plant life and vibrant colors. Celebrate by inviting friends and neighbors to a party that celebrates color and life. Provide guests with paint, brushes, clay pots, potting soil, water, and a selection of seeds.

Clay pots are the first source of entertainment. Guests should feel free to paint their chosen pot in any way that reflects their summertime mood or spirit. Food and drinks can be offered during the time that is required for the pots to dry. Once the pots are dry, each guest can choose the plant or flower of his or her choice and proceed with planting procedures. Guest will leave with a long-lasting memento that will continue to grow.

Summer Cocktail Show

The name of this summer-themed party speaks for itself. Invite or hire mobile bartenders in Atlanta GA that highlight a summertime drink and display the drink recipes at their given stations.

Inform adult attendees to visit each station to try the selected drinks. Provide some form of a ballot, listing each drink that guests are asked to fill out after trying all of the included drink recipes. Name the drink recipe that received the most votes according to the collected ballots. Encourage guests to write down any recipe that they wish to replicate or try in the future.

Summer-themed parties can bring friends and family members together for great times that build long-lasting memories. Enhance any party with by exploring mobile bar rentals in Atlanta from Raising The Bar. To learn more about mobile bartending services in Atlanta, Ga and the Metro area, give our office a call today!