Bring In The Best Bartenders In Atlanta GA

In order to succeed as a bartender in Atlanta, it takes more than a pretty smile and the ability to ring up a few drinks into a computer, take somebody’s money, and wish them well on their way home. A truly great bartender has to have several different qualities that set them apart from average and lethargic beer pourers. This fact rings even more true in the mobile bar industry, where customer service is key and knowledge is crucial. Below are a few qualities and attributes that every bartender exemplifies at Raising The Bar, and that every bartender should strive to learn:

Good Attitude – Every bartender in Atlanta needs to realize that bartending is within the realm of the hospitality industry, and as such every bartender needs to have a welcoming, jovial attitude when at work. A bartender’s attitude can mean the difference between a great experience and a horrible experience, no matter how many drinks are served. Simple things like flashing a smile or asking how a customer is doing can make all the difference.

Cleanliness – Have you ever been to a bar and, upon sitting down, realized that the bar was sticky? Or perhaps there was trash scattered around like used straws or wet napkins. This can be a tell-tale sign that your bartender has an issue with cleaning up his or her bartending station, and may have a problem serving you to their best ability. This would be unacceptable in the fast-paced world of mobile bar service, and unheard of by Raising The Bar standards.

Memory – On any given evening, at any given event or party, a bartender is going to be in the middle of a little bit of controlled chaos. Drink orders will be placed, empty glasses will need to be refilled, and garnishes and liquors will need to be stocked. A bartender with a good memory is another key to a successful event, and plays a huge role in the overall satisfaction and positive experience of a guest.

For the most knowledgeable and professional staff of bartenders in Atlanta GA, choose Raising The Bar for your mobile bar service at your next event or party. Not only will you receive the best customer service and most intriguing drinks from the city to the suburbs, you will be served by a bartender who loves their job and takes it seriously.