From Weddings to Company Picnics, Mobile Bar Service the Way to Go

Having a mobile bar service take care of all of the drinks and bartender staffing at your event is a great way to take some stress off of your mind and an even better way to keep your guests happy and full of spirits. Mobile bars are great at corporate events, but where else can they be of use?

Weddings – The main point of a wedding is to celebrate the marriage of two individuals, and bringing in a portable bar rental can help add to the celebration. If you find that the venue that is holding your wedding reception does not provide a bar service, this is a great alternative that gives you flexibility if you are holding your wedding or reception at a non-traditional location.

Birthdays – If you incorporate a mobile bar into your next birthday event, you’re not going to have any problem getting people to show up for the party, that’s for sure. As with weddings, birthdays are celebrations and having an ample amount of spirits on location, coupled with professional bartenders can be a great way to kick start the party and make the good times last.

Beer and Food Festivals – Having a portable beer tent or bar at a festival is a great way to show off your craft beer or add an unconventional twist to your food tent. Many times the bar service can customize your bar for you and for your company, so that your brand stands out and is seen by all festival goers. The bar service will typically clean up after themselves too, which saves you time in the end and allows you to focus on marketing your product.

Picnics for Your Company – While the go-to use for mobile bars tends to be at corporate cocktail parties, they can be used for events that take place outside as well, such as company picnics. This is especially true during summer months, when getting outside in the sun and out of the office can be a welcome relief.

So, as you can see, you can utilize a mobile bar at several different kinds of events. Your guests will stay happy, and you’ll be even happier knowing that your event was a success. Contact Raising the Bar in Atlanta, GA today to get the party started!