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Mobile Bar Rentals

It’s truly a great time of year to live in Georgia, and it’s an even better time of year to experience one of Raising The Bar’s unique, upscale services for events and parties that take place in and around the great city of Atlanta. The design and quality of our bar rentals in Atlanta are second to none. Like many of our customers have told us, there really are no other Atlanta bar rentals quite like RTB. You may be asking yourself, “What exactly is a bar rental service?” What Raising The Bar offers is quite different from what your local watering hole or sports bar provides to their customers. Traveling to the city and seeing the bartending in Atlanta has always been an attraction for those looking to have a good time, but patrons more often than not find themselves crammed between strangers, trying in vain to keep their composure while sipping on a lackluster cocktail that has been hastily mixed and improperly handled.

This is where RTB shines through the clutter that is the bar scene in Atlanta. Why raise your blood pressure by traveling to the city only to find yourself sitting in traffic, all to get to a place that doesn’t take care of you the way that you deserve to be taken care of? Time after time, our staff at Raising The Bar has exceeded the expectations that our clients set for us. This all begins with the fact that Raising The Bar is a mobile bar service. That means that wherever you choose to host your next social gathering, corporate event or party, RTB will come to you. Part of what makes RTB so special is that we make sure that we handle things like alcohol delivery and quality control so you don’t have to think about those things. And unlike other Atlanta bar rentals we will come with enthusiasm, professionalism and a passion that only RTB can provide to you.

We’ve seen almost everything and heard just about every request. Time and time again we have proven to all of our customers that no party, event or gathering is too big, too small or too complicated for Raising The Bar to handle. And that’s why we’re able to continue to cater to such established names like Ferrari and Saks Fifth Avenue. It’s because we love what we do, and we employ Atlanta bartenders who love what they do as well. At Raising The Bar we love to hear exactly what our clients want, and we genuinely look forward to working with them. We always want to talk with clients about implementing custom menus and delectable cocktail options, so that they accomplish whatever statement or purpose they’re trying get across to those attending their event.

Each set up is not only made to evoke a certain “wow” factor in each and every one of your guests, they’re also built by hand and crafted in a way that other businesses offering similar services just can’t compete with. There are several different bar options available, each one capable of catering to larger and larger amounts of guests. What’s even better about our one-of-a-kind bar rental options is that they can be customized for branding purposes as well. Want to add some color to your setup? No problem. RTB offers backlit options that are sure to create an unmatched ambiance and experience for everyone at your event.

Each bar is designed so that the amazing Atlanta bartenders serving you and the people at your event get fast, accurate and immaculate custom cocktails. While the back of the bar is crafted in a functional way to help your bartenders serve you, the front of the bar is sleek and inviting for the guest’s pleasure. If you want to impress those important people at a corporate event, bringing in Raising The Bar to your location is a sure-fire way to leave a lasting impression in their minds as we will place your logo or company name in easy to see locations around the bar.

Take a look at some of the pictures of our bar setups and judge for yourself. Only Raising The Bar can offer you the attractive quality of our handmade bars, the experienced and knowledgeable Atlanta bartenders we hire, and the hands-free experience of a top Atlanta mobile bar service in one complete package.

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