3 Spring Cocktails Made Easy

Springtime is finally here and the weather is beckoning you to invite some friends over to celebrate.  What could be more fun than a cocktail party?  These three cocktail ideas are perfect for spring and easy to make.

Green Tea Mojitos

You will need the following:

• 1T Fresh Lime Juice

• 4 Fresh Mint  or Japanese Basil (Shisho) Leaves

• 2t Sugar

• ½ cup Chilled Green Tea

• 1oz White Rum

Muddle together the leaves, sugar and lime juice until the flavors are released and the leaves are bruised, directly in a Collins glass.  Fill the glass roughly three-quarters full and pour the rum and then the tea over the ice.  Stir thoroughly.

This refreshing cocktail works well with appetizers such as chips and salsa, cheese and crackers and salted peanuts.

Honey Whiskey Sour


• 2oz whiskey

• 3/4oz lemon juice

• 1/4oz honey

• 1/2oz hot water

Combine hot water and honey in a shaker and stir.  Add the other ingredient and ice, shake and strain into a glass.  This simple variation of the Whiskey Sour adds a hint of warmth to the drink.

Violet Vermouth

Nothing says spring like a cocktail inspired by a flower!

You’ll need:

• 1oz violet liqueur

• 1oz dry vermouth

• Ice

• Edible violet

Combine liquids in an ice-filled glass and garnish with the violet.  It doesn’t get any easier than the flower adds a touch of elegance.

Raising the Bar is gearing up for spring by adding some of its own unique twists to popular spring cocktails.  Why should you have to make all the drinks at your own party?  Raising the Bar specializes in portable bar rentals that will allow you to kick back, relax and enjoy your party. Give us a call today and see how we can transform your party or event into an occasion your friends will talk about for years.