Give Your Guests A Mobile Bar Service To Remember

There is nothing quite like arriving at your favorite bar or restaurant, sitting down in a comfortable seat and taking the first sip of your favorite cocktail. Often times, the entire process can almost be like having a magical experience – the room full of professionals who are talking amongst themselves about the stresses that they had that day at work, as the low lighting of the room illuminates their faces in a soft glow. The cheery bartender remembering your face, and asking if you would like your usual. The way the bartender mixes your drink and serves it to you just the way that you like it. The way the ingredients blend together so well to create an original flavor. The feeling of the delectable cold liquid slipping through your lips and engulfing your taste buds, as you dissect the intricacies of the cocktail you are enjoying.

At Raising The Bar, we know how good a high quality cocktail can be after a hard day, or on the weekend when you are out and about in the city of Atlanta. That is why we put a large emphasis on constructing the best signature cocktails with the freshest ingredients for your event, party or get-together.

Guests love it when they attend an event or a party that has a professional mobile bar service catering that event and providing them with signature event cocktails, with each drink on the menu customized in a way that reflects the overall feeling or vibe that circulates throughout the event. Guests tend to remember things that stick out or make an impression, and providing them with cocktails that you arranged for through Raising The Bar is sure to give them the fond memories that you want them to have, so that they can tell their friends what an impact your event had on them.

Whether you want to provide a customized bar setup and cocktail menu for a new bride and groom at their wedding, promote your brand for a group of professionals, or you just want to throw a party for your home owners association, Raising The Bar can customize your drink selection and drink menu so that everybody who attends is impressed and satisfied.

So go ahead, create that magical experience for all of your guests with a fraction of the stress, and let our signature event cocktails help make your event the talk of the town for weeks to come.