Mobile Bars for Themed Events

If you plan on hosting a mid to large-sized event, and want it to be a themed event, you may want to consider forming your cocktail menu to reflect the theme that you want to get across. It’s a great way to enhance your event, and shows your guests that you put some thought into the planning process. What’s even better news is that you don’t have to do any of this by yourself – that’s what Raising the Bar is here for. Forget the standard wine and beer mobile bars, and consider the following themes that RTB Atlanta can help you with.

Winter Theme – This is particularly appropriate, considering the winter months are just around the corner. By serving dark-colored cocktails to bring out the warmth of the event, and serving spirits that can are hot, like spiked hot chocolate, eggnog or mulled wine, all help encompass the season.

Summer or Beach Theme –Bright colors, fruit garnishes, and cold cocktails all work very well here, especially if you hold your event or party outdoors. RTB Atlanta can work with you to customize your premium cocktails and also your drink menu.

Colored Themes – This can be a great idea for your party or event, especially if it is corporate based and your corporation has specific colors that it uses, or you just want to host an all-girls party and color everything pink. All white and all black parties are great as well, and you can use specialty cocktails like White Russians or Black Russians to go along with white and black themes.

Themes are fun for everyone, especially when there is a little bit of alcohol involved. If you are trying to make a great impression on some friends or co-workers, consider contacting RTB Atlanta to help you spice up your party or event with custom cocktails and themes, in order to create an experience your guests will never forget.