New Website, New Season, Same Passion

Raising the Bar, Atlanta’s top mobile bar service, recently re-designed their website to make it more user-friendly and attractive. We encourage you to stop by our website and click on convenient headings along the site’s main menu at the top to learn about the company, bartender training, clients, and services. At the bottom, discover bartending news, contact details, and links to RTB on social media. Written and visual components are combined into a professional rental package, just as you would expect with any product. Our newly re-designed site is just like our team: attractive and well-organized!

Mobile Bar Services in Atlanta, GA

Clients hire Raising the Bar to bring a fully stocked bar to themed parties, weddings, and conventions. Instead of choosing a location because it has the facilities for a full bar, bring the bar to a convenient location. RTB doesn’t just set up a table with clean table cloths and bottles of wine; we craft a custom cocktail menu based on the needs of you and your guests, complete with full bar service. Our clients may select from several bar styles, which you can find right here on our website, and also choose lighting colors to complement décor.

Our team is able to produce custom menus appropriate for a wedding, disco, football party, or just about any other kind of event, including large-scale corporate functions. Menus feature a full description of alcoholic and/or non-alcoholic drinks so guests can see and taste what they enjoy most.

While any bartender will be able to pour a glass of wine or beer, the energetic, professional bartenders at Raising the Bar can mix exotic and sophisticated drinks from familiar martinis to beach cocktails. Our highly skilled bartenders in Atlanta, GA turn pouring average drinks into an art form.

Every time a client books one of our mobile bar rentals, RTB organizes their entire setup. We provide glassware, alcohol, cleanup, and service at the highest level, no matter the size or type of event you are planning. When it comes to the mobile bar service for your party or function, there’s nothing you have to worry about except which custom cocktail you want to try first.

Getting Ready for Your Next Event

Is there a special event looming in your horizon? Have you decided who will run the bar? If you were planning to hire a friend of a friend, think twice. Will he make sure there are enough glasses, a suitable selection of drinks, and plenty of stock? What skills does he or she have to ensure customer satisfaction? You have enough to think about with guest lists and food.

Let Raising the Bar handle the heavy lifting for you. To get started, give us a call and let our team know the theme of your convention or party and how many people you anticipate, and with your help, we will begin to craft a mobile bar experience that you and your guests won’t soon forget.