Raising The Bar understands that every event calls for a personalized set up. We offer many different options that are sure to accommodate every scenario.

There is no better way to promote your image at your event than to use our proprietary bars as a platform for marketing. Multiple light boxes on our back bar, combined with the glass-shelved back display, present you with a variety of branding opportunities that are highly visible throughout any venue. Raising The Bar will customize any name, logo, or other design you desire to help you customize your bar. Our customizable light boxes allow for all branding to be prominently displayed. At 8′ tall, your chosen design will be impossible to miss.

Whether it’s completely wowing your guests or enhancing your brand Raising The Bar’s menu design allows for limitless creativity. We can create menus designed specifically for you, complete with drink descriptions and pictures displayed on the bar. Additionally, our Specialty Drinks are prepared with the freshest ingredients delivering refreshing, mouth-watering taste sensations, guaranteed to have your guests talking. We take pride in learning about the type of crowd you expect and aim to quench your guests’ taste by offering unique creative specialty cocktails.

Our Featured Custom Menus
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My image6ft tables with linens including all necessary bar equipment- multiple configurations.


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Raising The Bar leads the Atlanta market in providing the most capable and knowledgeable bartenders that can handle any event.